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I fuck up what kind of luck do I have none anymore it just walked out the door sailed off in the wind like my thoughts on a boring day imagining what might happen to me if i may die or live free but as long as I am here that’s all that matters to me .

Untitled story of my life

When I was a boy not but 4 years old my favorite thing to do was sit in a plum tree over looking the fields.It was so tranquil nothing could have disturbed me in my happy place. I felt like there was nothing but peace in the world no war no starvation it was mystical. But those naive thoughts were soon ripped away from me, but no matter what when I feel down I go back to that place in my mind and everything seems to be fixed. I miss my home I want to go back to Germany so bad it is my place of serenity and maybe that is where I may find love again or maybe it’s closer than I think but who knows .

Children of the Sun

 Not a single shit was given not a single one let me tell you it’s no fun being the laughing matter of life never ending pun the joke ends now at the bottom of this bottle of rum let my voice move you like the percussive beat of the drum the music flows within us let it take hold don’t run we are all the children of the sun .

“Writings of the top of my head “

Music is like love there is a certain rhythm that you must keep or the peace could just fall apart through time and dedication can it succeed you must truly want it though because if you don’t  it will show like if you don’t practice for a performance some times you must be gentle and quiet like when that special someone is asleep in your arms  and at other times you need to be loud and assaulting like when your fighting for your that special someone to keep her away from harm love and music are so much alike if you think about it .

  - written by Drew Wirsching

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